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As of 12/31/2018, neither Temecool Computer Repair nor Singing Wire Web Design are doing business. If you need support for computer repair or web sites, please check with either the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce or the Murrieta-Wildomar Chamber of Commerce  for a LOCALLY-Owned professional. 

Dan is now both teaching and studying IT at a local private college.

Coaching Service: $50.00 per hour: Temecool Computer Repair of Temecula specializes in thoughtful, considerate, and in-depth PC coaching for folk who need to become more skilled with technology. 

You CAN do it!

We can teach you how things work, and why they work. Let us help you take the stress out of using technology, so that you can be confident in taking control of your digital world.

 Whether your skills are a little rusty, completely out of date, or you never learned technology at all, TCR can get you up to speed, with easy-to-understand explanations and demonstrations. We can help you learn things such as electronic calendaring, using the web, and using your PC and smartphone together as well. We also are able to help with teaching you how to use several major social media service platforms as well.

Housecalls: TCR comes to you. There's no need to unplug, pack up, drive to the next town, or go anywhere. We serve our customers at their home or office. You stay in your comfort zone - and expand your technology comfort zone!   Repairs & Upgrades: $50.00 per hour Temecool Computer Repair can replace failed hard drives, bad memory chips, and more.

Get your machine in the best shape it's ever been!
We can find the root of a software bug and help you get your machine behaving again. TCR can let you know the least cost ways to speed your computer up, keep it free of malware and viruses, upgrade your storage capacity, and more. Need to make your PC as powerful as it possibly can be? TCR can help you with that! We can upgrade your memory and replace your old-fashioned hard disk with a new solid-state drive for blazing fast boot-up times and hyper-fast program loading. You'll think you have a completely different PC! If your PC needs more work than can be done at your location, TCR will pick it up, complete your repairs, and return the machine to you! Install high-quality software and freeware: $50.00 per hour Temecool Computer Repair staff know and are familiar with multiple types of free software.
  • We can help you keep current and safe with top-notch free antivirus software.
  • We can help you install a FREE office suite that will work with most Microsoft documents and allow you to create .PDF documents with ease.
  • We know of excellent audio-editing software that is capable of creating nearly studio-quality, multi-track recordings and MP3 audio files.
  • Need to tune up your PC to keep it as fast as possible all the time? We know free software for that.
  • Need to securely delete files from your machine? We can help you with that and more.
TCR Staff will teach you how to use the software we install. We never install software and just say "Here you go" without instruction. Help you shop for a new PC: $50.00 per hour.
  • If your machine is too old to be worth upgrading, Temecool Computer Repair staff will help you find the most powerful machine your budget will afford.
  • We get paid for our time, and receive nothing but your satisfaction for the PC's we help you find deals on. Our sole interest is making sure you get the best you can afford without breaking your bank!
  • If there is a service we can't help you with, we will tell you so up-front, and in many cases give you a referral to a qualified professional who can help you at no cost. Don't hesitate to call!
To take control of your technology now, Call: 815-483-8878 !

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